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Blu R1 Plus is a new Android phone going on sale for 24 hours tomorrow at $109


Blu R1 Plus is the newest cheap phone to prove that you don’t have to pay top dollar in order to enter into the Android ecosystem.

It’s debuting to a flash sale tomorrow for just $109, giving you a $50 discount on the new handset that will cost $159 after Saturday’s big discount.

What do you get for a little over $100? This basic smartphone has a 5.5-inch HD screen, sizable 4,000mAh battery and 3GB of RAM. Those aren’t bad specs.

It can’t really handle 3D games very well, and it won’t work with Verizon and Sprint. This is an unlocked GSM-only phone for carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Cricket Wireless.

Four people who would want this phone

This isn’t the right smartphone for everyone, as we have point our in our newly full review. However, we’ve identified four types of people who would want it.

  1. Someone who can’t afford the latest and greatest smartphone will find this to be an easy upgrade, especially if you get the $109 Amazon deal.
  2. Travelers who would appreciate the fact that this is a dual-SIM GSM phone that works overseas. That’s a big perk if you’re roaming countries, and it really doesn’t matter if you lose this and your expensive iPhone is safe at home.
  3. People who don’t care about phones (as shocking as that sounds), but want to upgrade from a flip phone. It makes a good gift for them.
  4. The clumsy among us who are walking around with cracked screens and need a temporary phone to run out their two-year contract or want to wait to upgrade to the iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

It’s a completely reasonable phone for these people, as long as they don’t expect to multitask or play 3D games. This is after all, the sub-$200 price level.

It’s biggest competition is the slightly more expensive Moto G5 Plus, which we have named the best cheap phone in the US.


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